Three-Quarter Way House


In May of 2014, Matthew 25 expanded to create a new program--featuring 16 one-bedroom apartments--that provides safe, stable and supportive housing opportunities for recovering homeless.With 6,000 square feet located directly above Matthew 25 on the third floor of Vine Hill Towers, the new program is designed to help men who have difficulties obtaining their own housing due to issues such as past criminal history, alcohol and drug dependency, or mental health challenges.


This new program provides sixteen new permanent housing units to Metro-Nashville, a community with a shortage of affordable housing. More importantly, it is supportive housing. This means that a resident have access to employment counseling, case managers and A&D Counseling even while living totally independent. This can be critical to their long term success and productive citizenship. As part of Matthew 25's mission, the men are expected to work, improve accountability, become more independent, and ultimately develop a solid rent history and track record that will allow them to obtain permanent housing on their own.


With al imited number of low incoming housing availabile in Nashville, this program provides new opportunities for recovering men who are seeking to once again contribute to society.  For more information on this program, contact