Principles of M25

1. WORK.

Each person must be employed to remain at Matthew 25. The staff works with residents to help them secure full-time employment or upgrade jobs to earn enough to sustain permanent housing. Residents are encouraged to achieve job stability and to become long-term employees.


2. SAVE.

A key component of Matthew 25's success formula is the mandatory saving's program. Residents stay at Matthew 25 "free of charge which enables them to save 75% of what they earn. Their savings are deposited in a special account so funds will be available for each to move into permanent housing at the end of his stay at Matthew 25. Each person is provided with assistance by our staff in finding affordable, permanent housing.



The problems of homelessness go much deeper than the lack of jobs and housing. Many of the homeless must change the way they think and behave. Our goal is to help them acquire positive work habits and critical life skills. 



Many homeless are content simply to live from day to day. At Matthew 25 we help them to "look beyond tomorrow by setting goals in key life areas. Residents are encouraged to "progress toward accomplishing the goal they set. Matthew 25 is not a place to hang out but a place where the homeless work on improving their lives.