Much More than a Roof

To help men take their lives in a new direction, we offer comprehensive programs that include job training & placement services, life skills & relapse prevention, progressive housing & transitional housing for Veterans.



Program participants must be employed full time to remain at Matthew 25. Job training is available for those who enter the program on a conditional basis. A "work therapy program will soon be developed for those entering the program with a poor work history and other behavioral problems that can be corrected in a group setting.



Homelessness is not an accidental situation. Living without a home is for the most part intentional and happens because a person has behaviors that are blocking him from opportunities that are available to all members of the society in which he/she lives. Matthew 25 provides onsite alcohol and drug counseling to help our men deal with and recover from issues that have plauged their lives.



Matthew 25 attempts to move homeless men from housing in a group setting to individualized housing. This is a personal process based on the skills and preparedness of each participant. The ultimate goal is for each person to have a place he can call home and for him to maintain that home.



Matthew 25, in co-operation with the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Homeless Services, the Substance Abuse Treatment Program, and various additional VA, employment, and community service agencies, has a program in place to assist homeless veterans increase self sufficiency, foster self determination, and achieve residential stability. Matthew 25 works closely with homeless services providers to ensure our veterans are receiving the best possible care, are attending required meeting and medical appointments while working or seeking full time employment. Our veterans are required to have and maintain fulltime employment within 30 days, save $1000.00 dollars, and complete the 90 day program for vets while a resident of Matthew 25. For additional information about our veterans program, contact the VA Medical Center Homeless Service Providers or the Veterans´ Service Coordinator at Matthew 25.